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GSB 20 Woody
You will be amazed, how much this machine can bring you! Two machines in one at a unique price combination. This combination machine is equipped with shredding hammers and disc blade chipping device. Top performance is a must requirement for most applications. The amazing performance of this unit goes behind all expectations that one would have in this price range. A very competitive, low-price and still high-quality unit resulting from a large scale industrial production.
Features Shreds branches up to 65 mm without difficulty Swinging cutting hammers out of special hardened steel Durable rotor with built-in lateral disc blade User-friendly operation system High quality paint, scratch-proof and weather resistant powder coating


Technical Data
Gasoline engine drive 3,7/5,0 kW/HP
Motor rev. 3600 RPM
Drum speed 3100 RPM
Drum width 200 mm
Drum 300 mm
Timber max. 65 mm
Hammers 30 pcs.
Dimensions (W x H x L) 1150 x 1500 x 1050mm
Weight approx. 102 kg

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