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HH 320 BN
Wood chipper with hydraulic infeed rollers for landscaping and heavy-duty applications.
Features heavy-duty and maintenance free ISO compliant. Approved by the London Lloyds in accordance with quality & safety Standards 9001-2000 Infeed rollers of case-hardened steel Individual operation of the infeed rollers one by one by means of powerful Danfoss motors Dynamically balanced chipping blades mounted to large disc weldement for rotation at a very high revolution number and with stagged steel flails ensuring optimum discharge of the chipped material Flap on discharge chute coated with a special highly resistant tar-sheeting insuring less noise during operation Supplied with own standard driveshaft assembly with torque limiter and free wheel (clutch) for enhanced slow down of the disc 3-point hitch for linkage to your tractor hydraulics


Technical Data
Powered by tractor hydraulics Yes
Tractor power requirements approx. 45/61 kW/HP
Inbuilt hydraulics Yes
No-stress device Yes
Width of the infeed roller 320 mm
Lower infeed roller 150 mm
Upper infeed roller 400 mm
Timber max. 220 mm
Adjustable chips size 10-25 mm adjustable
Drum 1000 mm
Drum thickness 35 mm
Drum weight 245 kg
Throughput 25-30 cbm/h
Discharge height 3000 mm
Dimensions (W x H x L) 1700 x 3200 x 2350 mm
Weight approx. 1250 kg

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